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Needing to replace their 50-year-old herringbone dairy, Simpson farmers Phil and Symone Vines decided in 2016 to build the region’s first robotic dairy, hiring GreenCon to do the work.


They are continuing to enjoy the benefits and reflect on the success of the project and quality of the work.


“People come here and see the cows and say they’re the most relaxed cows they’ve ever seen,” Phil said.


“There’s a misconception about robotic dairies; we could have spent the same building a new rotary but this saves time and labour and we have the equivalent of a herd test every day with the information it gives you,” he said.


Production has also increased this year.

“GreenCon were really good to deal with and everything went very smoothly,” Phil said.


When Grassmere farmer Liam Ryan needed a new dairy to be built on time, he turned to GreenCon.


The 50-unit rotary was delivered ahead of schedule and a decade later Liam is still impressed with the results.


“James and the crew did a great job out here,” Liam said.  “I’d have them again if I was doing something else.”


GreenCon built the dairy, yards and feedpad in 2008 and extended the feedpad in 2013.


“I went with GreenCon because they’re easy to work with and produce great results on time,” Liam said. “James is easy to talk to and took the time to show me around other farms but didn’t pressure me into conforming to what would be easiest for them.”


“We did a round yard and a few things that were a bit different and they were more than willing to help me investigate the options.”


Most importantly, the top-quality work was finished on time. “I had to be in the dairy by a particular date because I’d bought 120 extra cows. I was in it ahead of schedule so I was very happy,” Liam said.


Wim Kampschoer describes James Green and GreenCon as being like partners in his farming business.


GreenCon has built four sheds, a new rotary dairy and yard at the farm near Princetown, work worth more than $1million in total.


“James has been a major joint partner in the development of our business,” Wim said.


“They know what they’re doing and their work is of a very high standard. They communicate very well and discuss how to do things and then we come to a joint decision.”


“They’ve done work for us on-and-off over the last 15 years. We’ve had a long-standing working relationship and we’ve had no problems in dealing with James and his staff.”


Wim is also happy to showcase GreenCon’s work. “James came here to show another bloke who wanted to build a dairy and I was happy to recommend them. Building the new rotary dairy was the best thing we’ve done.”

Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins likes to stick with a good thing.

He first used GreenCon to build a dairy 17 years ago and it’s still going strong. In the meantime, he contracted GreenCon to build a large farm workshop shed on his Nullawarre farm and in 2018 he’s returned to the company yet again for a new vat and milk room shed.

“They’re excellent,” Rick said. “We’ve been with GreenCon for 17 years and they’re always very professional and the quality of their work is great. I couldn’t be happier.”

Bruce Holloway

Mepunga farmer Bruce Holloway says GreenCon are experts in their field.


“James has done an excellent job for us over the years,” Bruce said.


“They built a 50-unit rotary dairy for us 10 years ago (in 2008) and the quality of workmanship and their knowledge were fantastic. He also guarantees his work; if there was any little fine tuning that had to be done, he followed it through.”


Ten years later, everything is working well. “The dairy is as good as the day it went in; the quality of the workmanship was outstanding,” Bruce said. “It was a completely new site and they did all the planning and they had plenty of good ideas which we incorporated into the design.”


GreenCon has also laid concrete around the farm in sheds and stables and constructed a shed.


“James is an expert and a leader in his field,” Bruce added.