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June 2020 Toolbox

This page contains the information we presented during our June 2020 toolbox meeting, held at the Station Street Shed on Monday, June 1st, 2020.  We held two sessions – one at 6.00am, and the other at 7.00am – and enjoyed a BBQ bacon and egg toasted-sanga cooked by Cobden’s secret Master Chef, Gibbo.


This page is divided into four sections (including this section), based loosely around who was presenting the information, with links that connect directly to the slide(s) that offered the relevant information.


First up, we welcomed everyone to the toolbox and introduced who was going to be presenting the material. The section titled “OHS” provides the OHS material, plus a little bit more of what Tony covered. “Gibbos section” provides a few slides about general material from Wayne’s domain, and “James’ Section” presents the material he talked about.


First-up, Tony covered the new test-and-tag period. Given that our toolbox happened to fall on the first day of winter, it coincided with the new ‘Blue’ tagging period for electrical tools and appliances. He also touched on the new Industrial Manslaughter penalties that can be applied across Victoria from July 1st. While there hasn’t been any change in expectations that employers will do all they can to provide a safe work environment, the penalties that can be applied for getting that wrong will massively increase, from that date.


He also offered a brief update on COVID-19. which included a mention of the COVIDSafe app.


GreenCon’s policy on smoking was also discussed. That led the reminder that GreenCon’s OHS management system is being refreshed, part of which is the introduction of a Health and Wellbeing section (or chapter), into the manual.


On the incident front, GreenCon experienced three incidents during May. One of those has led us to consider implementing loose wheel nut indicators, after a wheel came loose from a trailer.


Finally, we are introducing a new SWMS template. You can check it out at the SWMS section within the Employees Only page.



Wayne’s material covered three main subject areas. (Tony presented this information, as Wayne was downstairs cooking the BBQ sandwiches). Firstly, we returned to the subject first tabled at our last toolbox, that of clothing and PPE.


Secondly, the ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT expires in a month, and must be reviewed.


And finally, he offered information of a more general nature about things like flu-shots, the role of Workshop Manager and First Aid Training.



James began by recognizing several employees who’ve passed anniversary milestones in their employment with the company, before reminding us about some of the documents that need to be completed on a daily basis.


Then… the Good, the Bad and the Ugly phase. The Good circled around positive things he had observed like this, this and this.  The Bad, as the name suggests, are “below the line” behaviours, and things we need to improve on. They typically manifest in poor housekeeping, like this, this and this. And as for the Ugly


James wrapped things up with a reminder about placing concrete orders, had some general comments (including some really positive feedback from Moyne Council), and closed things out with a good summary about Wall Concrete (image here).