GREENCON | Dairy Construction
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Dairy Construction

GreenCon’s dairy design and construction services are perfect for upgrading an old dairy or building a new one from scratch.


Dairy construction has been a core part of the company for more than 50 years and as dairies have changed over time, GreenCon has been at the forefront of delivering new technologies and systems to make life easier for farmers and their cows.


GreenCon offers full design and construction services for all types of dairies, including robotic, rotary herringbone, parallel, and walk-through and we will work with you to make sure it fits your farm’s needs.


Modern farmers are looking for something that will improve their lifestyle with a dairy that is as safe and efficient as possible.


GreenCon can also install the latest monitoring equipment and functional technologies so farmers have ready access to all the information they need from their milking plant.

We work closely with customers to deliver practical and profitable solutions that provide long-term benefits.