GREENCON | Concrete Effluent Systems
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Effluent Systems

Farmers can get a ‘one-stop shop’ dairy construction service by combining effluent systems design and construction solutions, ensuring a simpler and streamlined process.


James Green is a registered dairy effluent designer with the Department of Primary Industries and has vast experience and expertise in the field.


Over the past decade, GreenCon has designed and built dozens of effluent systems for dairy farms, helping farmers to operate in an environmentally-friendly manner as they gain the benefits of their cows’ effluent.


In South Australia and New South Wales farms are required to provide an effluent management system designed and approved when obtaining a development application for a new or renovated dairy. While it isn’t always a requirement with building permits, it can be with some planning applications in Victoria, but whatever the case, farmers are now realising the benefits of a good effluent system.


A GreenCon effluent system will be easy to operate and reliable.