GREENCON | Concrete Company History
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The origins of GreenCon can be traced back to 1948 when Alfred Green started a contracting business in Numurkah, Northern Victoria, known locally as A.W. Green and Sons.


One of Alfred’s sons, Lawrie, branched out in 1964 to start his own partnership called L.H. & T.O. Green which eventually evolved into today’s GreenCon.


In the early years, the company undertook many projects for the Soldier Settlement Commission and the Rural Finance Commission in the Heytesbury region. Most of the dairies in the Heytesbury settlement were built by the company, along with many more in the Rochester area of northern Victoria.


During this time the business became well established at its Silvester Street base in Cobden.


In 1970 L.H. & T.O. Green branched out into new areas, completing its first bridge at Lorne, and 10 years later it undertook similar work in Gippsland. During the early 1970s, it also became the first in the Cobden region to purchase a Ford backhoe.


As the expansion continued, L.H. & T.O. Green purchased the firm of J.W. Blake and Son in Cobden in 1980 and set up a central office in the building in Victoria Street. The buildings were sold in 2002.


A site at 4 West Court Warrnambool was purchased in 1986.


In 1996 L.H. and T.O. Green officially became a company, and in the same year it built three rotary dairies in South Australia within 17 weeks.


As the workload increased, in 1986 James Green, who has been assistant engineer for the Shire of Minhamite, joined the family business and in 2006 its name was changed to GreenCon – short for Green Concrete and Construction.


The new name also ushered in a new era of expansion with GreenCon tackling significant projects locally, around Victoria and across most states of Australia.


In 2007 GreenCon established its current head office and workshop base at 1 Station Street Cobden.


Today the company continues to undertake significant projects locally and further afield. Some of the major works in recent years included three robotic milking stalls for the University of Melbourne at Dookie, a robotic rotary dairy for Bannister Down in Western Australia and a unique concrete and glass house at Cape Otway.


It continues to grow. In 2017 GreenCon purchased additional land in Jenkins Street Warrnambool and the company employs about 30 people.


There has been a constant family link throughout the 70 years and during that time the family has remained dedicated to providing expert contracting services to the region.