GREENCON | Concrete & Construction Projects
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Dairy Construction

Effluent Systems





GreenCon works closely with customers to deliver efficient profitable solutions that provide long term advantages and a healthy return on investment.


Some of our recent projects include:

Corangamite Depot

Construction of Corangamite Shire’s depot in Camperdown, including all concrete paving and construction of sheds and offices


Simpson Shelter and Toilet Facility

Construction of the Simpson shelter and toilet facility on behalf of the Corangamite Shire.


Cobden Preschool

Extension of preschool building and renovation of existing facilities.


Bendigo Bank – Cobden & Camperdown

Internal demolition of existing structures and new fit-out for the Cobden and District Community Bank.


Apostle Whey Cheese

Construction of original building for Apostle Whey Cheese and more recently the extension of the premisES to double their size.


Cobden District Health Services – Medical Clinic

Renovation of the Cobden Medical Clinic to update the facility including new office area and modification to existing rooms.


TRUenergy – LOPS Project

The Low Pressure Delivery Service project was undertaken to augment the storage capacity of TRUenergy’s Iona Gas plant while increasing the plant availability to delivery sales gas to the Victorian and South Australian markets.


BHP – Minerva

Long Term Delivery Project Phase II involves the addition of a refrigerated chiller package to improve the capability of the plant to meet sales gas specifications and deliverability.


Lochard Energy Iona 7 Phase II

GreenCon completed the civil works associated with getting the site ready for the drilling of a new well.


Dookie Dairy (Melbourne University)

State of the art three-unit robotic dairy with offices and viewing area for the public, including construction of all facilities, design and construction of effluent system and feedpad.


Camden Dairy (Sydney University)

This involved all the concrete works for the installation of a robotic rotary dairy at the Camden Campus for Sydney University.


50 Rotary (Ace Dairyland)


60 Rotary and Feedpad (Kevin Moloney)

GreenCon constructed this rotary dairy along with the 500-cow feedpad.


Four-Unit Robotic dairy (Phil Vines)

GreenCon did all the construction work for this dairy including shed, yards and office area.


Freestall and Feed pads for various farmers